Brian Wilcox Product Manager

My "Talent Stack"

I'm Brian Wilcox, I manage, design, and build software products.

Product Management

Designed product features, managed, & coordinated 6 teams across multiple time zones to ship product impacting over ½ a billion users.

Defined OKRs, KPIs, and defined a framework for ROI of security feature investments based on threat modeling & protection durability.

Experience with Functional & Design Specs, Planning, A/B Testing, Prototyping, Analytics, Reporting, Product & Pricing Strategy.

Contributed to the strategy, research, and product design at multiple startups. Experience managing intra-team dependencies, backlog prioritization, risk reduction, and competitive analysis. Emphasis on ownership of backend, security, and scalability.

Software Engineering

I've created software in an agile environment for fortune 500 companies, several startups, and the open source community, some of which has tens of thousands of users. Experience with backend, frontend, mobile, and cloud software engineering.

Still code for fun.

Specific Technologies: Python (Pandas, Beautiful Soup, Requests, Concurrent Futures), Java, R (quantmod, ggplot2), Javascript (Node.js), Kusto, HTML/CSS, SQL, Perl, Bash, and Powershell. Experience with microservice architectures, Docker, CoreOS, Azure, and AWS.

Finance & Economics

Extensive knowledge of financial / economic analysis, trading, capital markets, econometrics, and finance.

Experience with business plan creation including overview of entire industries, market size, strategy, minimal feature set as well as differentiating features for MVP, marketing plan, and business model.


I take pride in creative thinking and innovative problem solving. Besides my body of work hopefully this can be seen in my patents below.

Enhanced techniques for generating and deploying dynamic false user accounts (US10601868B2)

Systems and methods for polluting phishing campaign responses (US20200053120A1)


I attribute the majority of my education to reading books in my free time.

Formally I double majored in Computer Science and Economics, and graduated Cum Laude.

Whilst in college was a multitime participant in the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC), participant in the RIT Information Security Talent Search, Supervised Undergraduate Teacher for Macro Economic Theory, Teachers Assistant for Money and Banking.


In my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, am an amateur power lifter, hobby farmer, and enjoy cooking a variety of cuisines.

I also strive to be a polymath and perpetual learner. Since 2018 I've read on average 1 non-fiction book a week. My interests include History, Strategy, Geopolitics, Technology, Finance / Investing, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, and Self Improvement.